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Now Available: For-Sale Homes in Metro Denver & Longmont

By Lauren DeBell January 8, 2020

Homeownership in Colorado is possible. Depending on your income and family size, you might qualify to own a home through Elevation CLT––and end up paying less for a monthly mortgage than your rent payment, while building wealth for your family’s future.

Currently, Elevation CLT has for-sale homes available to income-qualified buyers in metro Denver and Longmont with more communities coming soon. View our current listings, which include newly-renovated and new construction homes, and check back often as new properties are being regularly added.

Interested in learning more about how to qualify for homeownership through Elevation CLT? Information about income and asset requirements, along with the application process, is available here, or connect with an Elevation CLT staff member at for assistance.

Elevation CLT makes homeownership more accessible for Colorado families through the community land trust model, a proven tool for creating and preserving accessible, inclusive communities for generations.