Our Partners

The housing crisis is bigger than all of us. Let’s work together to find new and different ways to put homeownership in reach.

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Elevation CLT was established as a public-private partnership that includes the philanthropic community, public sector, private developers and community-based organizations that collaborate to support the success of current and future community residents. By partnering with this diverse group of stakeholders, Elevation CLT aims to raise enough capital to create affordable homeownership opportunities for thousands of residents while simultaneously becoming a financially self-sustaining organization. Our goal is to collaborate with and complement other affordable housing efforts happening across Colorado so we can make homeownership accessible to more families.

Recognizing the need for a strategic, cross-sector intervention around the growing issue of housing affordability in Colorado, the below collaborative of philanthropic funders catalyzed nearly $25 million in private investment to launch Elevation CLT.

Given the urgent community need, Elevation CLT is seeking strong partnerships with municipalities, which are critical to creating immediate affordable homeownership opportunities and achieving timely results for Colorado families. Currently, Elevation CLT is exploring partnership opportunities with a number of municipalities across Colorado.

With the support of an advisory committee that includes founding funders and community representatives, Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) will incubate Elevation CLT and provide technical assistance during its startup phase. ULC was selected to steward the successful establishment of Elevation CLT because of its financial stability, technical expertise and mission alignment.

Get Involved

Like most nonprofits, Elevation CLT relies on a mix of funding sources from various sectors. If you are a philanthropic funder, municipality or land developer interested in creating permanently affordable, safe and stable housing for Colorado families, we invite you to join our effort. Please contact Stefka Fanchi for more information on partnership opportunities.

Elevation CLT makes homeownership more accessible for Colorado families through the community land trust model, a proven tool for creating and preserving accessible, inclusive communities for generations.